Alternative Break

In as little as 7 days you can make a difference in a child's life! Teach on the Beach programs run year round, so in a short stay you can make a huge impact and even new lifelong friends. Learn more

Summer Service⇒

For those of you ready to take a real African adventure,  Teach on the Beach Summer Service is rigorous but fun and social opportunity to sustainably help children thirsty for knowledge. Learn more

Start A NewsHour ⇒

Join our movement to create a future of thoughtful, aware global citizens. Learn more about how we are spread NewsHour across the globe.

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Travel With Us and Save...

Teach on the Beach is new approach to helping people in Africa. Instead of pitying them as poor and stricken, we connect with them as friends and focus on creating positive learning environments for students. As a volunteer you become part of our growing international family by spending quality time with students, their families, and in the communities where you teach.



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