Why Teach on the Beach?

Teach on the Beach has been working in Ghana for over 7 years. We chose Ghana because that's where life took us. We have endured many hardships from having funding pulled by fickle investors to forced conformance with arbitrary regulations of corrupt cops. Through it all, we have grown wiser, more motivated and more committed to our vision as month by month we see the stunning potential our students exhibit and the changes they have already begun to make in their communities.

The reason to volunteer & tour with us is your time and money will go to an organization sustainable, scalable and impactful.

What makes us sustainable? Our core concept is to provide people who want to volunteer travel an immersive, personal, structured experience on a beautiful tropical beach. We charge a service fee and a program fee that go toward our overhead and student sponsorship budget respectively. Donations are part of our short term financial plan, but long term we hope to fund all our activities with revenue from volunteers traveling with us.

Ben teachin Suzie how to writeOur scalability and impact come down to one thing: our Scholars.

We know from experience that building schools and libraries does little to educate if there are no teachers and librarians to facilitate and promote learning. We also know from experience that, at least in Ghana, changing education policy is not a job for foreigners. So, we’ve taken a viral approach. We are planting a value of learning and challenging oneself into a handful of kids with the enthusiasm to sustain this seed. We then spread this idea by having our students lead our after school programs with volunteers acting as advisors, mentors and aides; the students become teachers and our programs grow organically.

Over 200 volunteers have participated in after school studies and NewsHour since 2006. Each one has brought a different personality, viewpoint and skill set, but all have come away having developed a great relationship with the sponsored kids they worked with and alongside. The diverse backgrounds and ideas of our volunteers,  who come from Germany, Canada, China, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have been critical to our sponsored students becoming better teachers and leaders in the community.

Come be a part of our effort. Whether it’s for a week or a month, you’re time will be well spent and your unique strengths utilized in our innovative after school programs. Don’t forget that you’ll be on a beautiful, tropical beach so there is plenty of time for leisure and learning.

Five Year Benchmarks

Scholars will be leading After School and NewsHour programs, integrating volunteers from around the globe in their efforts to constantly increase attendance and quality.

School partnerships are resulting in higher BECE and WASSCE test scores, more attention for our partner schools and our organization.

After School
Our After School model will be replicated in five more high-need rural beach communities in Ghana...or elsewhere in the world.

NewsHour will be flourishing with 25 groups in the US and 5 groups internationally discussing with and writing to each other over Skype and Facebook weekly.