Brief History

In 2004 Aaron Adler and Alison Hannon met during a study abroad in Ghana. They shared a taste for adventure and need to get off campus and experience the West African country firsthand and meet its people, but their program didn't offer them any opportunities to get off the beaten path.

Just before they met, Alison had been invited by an organization called Madanfopa, 'my good friend' in Twi, to teach in a tiny little after school classroom. She braved a trek into the unknown slum of Madina, down dirt roads lined with shacks and trash, to find a group children that had a real thirst for learning. She offered to bring Aaron with her, there were so many children and no one to teach them. Aaron accepted the chance to venture into the real Africa.

Aaron and Ali bonded with a group of children from Madina and continued to teach them during their study abroad. While their study abroad would end, the two decided to return to Ghana, coordinating it so one of them, or someone else they had recruited to help teach, would be around to continue working with the children from Madina.

In 2007 Aaron found a charitable organization to fund and expand their work. With the invaluable help of Mike Wagner, Aaron managed the construction of an orphanage/community center and a school north of Kumasi, Ghana's second city. Aaron and Ali invited the students they taught in Madina to join them in Kumasi and for two years they all worked as a team to teach many more children. After school programs with junior high schoolers teaching primary students and our very successful NewsHour program were started during these two years.

Unfortunately after two years with this organization's funding, it was inexplicable torn away from Aaron, Ali, Mike and the over 20 students to whom they extended scholarships and nurtured 24/7 like parents. Aankit Patel had joined the group as a volunteer as this happened. Together the team moved into Habitat for Humanity houses and continued running teaching programs in partnership with the local school, funding the student scholarships and other operations out of their own pockets.

After months of planning, exploration and soul searching, Aaron, Aankit and Alison decided to team up to found Teach on the Beach and move our family of students including all the children from Madina to Busua Beach. The plan was for Aankit to use his background to create a sustainable revenue stream of volunteer travelers to fund the work the Aaron and Alison had started many years ago. Today, Aankit drives forward the growth of Teach on the Beach and manages the team in Ghana and the United States. Aaron is constantly pushing the NewsHour program agenda while Alison is creating structure and measurements to better manage our teaching programs. 

The path to founding Teach on the Beach was long and difficult and it has not gotten easier, but we continue to work together as a team to nurture the minds of kids who need us most and hope to do so for many more years and in many more countries.

Five Year Benchmarks

Scholars will be leading After School and NewsHour programs, integrating volunteers from around the globe in their efforts to constantly increase attendance and quality.

School partnerships are resulting in higher BECE and WASSCE test scores, more attention for our partner schools and our organization.

After School
Our After School model will be replicated in five more high-need rural beach communities in Ghana...or elsewhere in the world.

NewsHour will be flourishing with 25 groups in the US and 5 groups internationally discussing with and writing to each other over Skype and Facebook weekly.