Adventure Excursions

Slave Castle Tour

Cape Coast Slave Castle Guided Tour

Teach on the Beach takes its volunteers and students on cooperative learning tours of Ghana's historic slave castles. Volunteers teach students about facts while students teach volunteers about what they understand of their history and what it means to them. Our tour includes...

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Sunrise over the Rainforest Canopy Walk

Kakum National Rainforest Canopy WalkKakum National Park is the largest tract of tropical rainforest remaining in Ghana and is only a day away from our home in Busua. The rainforest canopy walk is a unique experience you cannot have in many places in the world. We recommend you arrive at the Kakum National Park Guesthouse in the early evening so you can get an early 3am start the next morning. Why so early? You want to up in the canopy when the sun rises. Need we say anymore?

Kakum is located very close to our location in Busua so arranging a weekend excursion once you are in Ghana will not be a problem. We highly recommend you take a Teach on the Beach Scholar to guide you, it will be an amazing experience for them!



Elephants! @ Mole National Park

The biggest and best adventure in Ghana!

Mole National Parl Tours

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Waterfalls of the Volta

Wli Waterfalls in Volta Region, GhanaGhana's Volta basin is sparsely populated, but rich in culture, natural beauty and history. The Volta is home to the Ewe tribe, weavers of the most striking Kente cloth, the Akosombo Dam that powers most of the country, and even neighboring Togo and Benin and last but not least the breathtaking Wli waterfalls. 

There are, in fact, two waterfalls, an upper and a lower. The upper falls are an hours hike through jungle that will exhaust you if you aren't in shape. Even those not in shape that are able to drag themselves up the mountain, the payoff of a secluded waterfall is well worth it. Those able and prepared in advance can continue the hike to the top of the mountain and cross the border to Togo to camp for the night. You will be led up the mountain by a knowledgeable, local guide.

You may arrange travel to the waterfalls with your program director once you are in the ground in Ghana. We will gladly arrange for a guide, typically one of our students. Travel and accommodations to Wli are very affordable.



Travel Policies

  • Refund Policy. Given the needs of our organization - the needs of the children - we cannot offer refunds on any transaction. Deposits, housing, meal, transportation, excursion, and program fees collected are final and non-refundable.

  • Volunteer Conduct. If a guest or volunteer blatantly violates the code of conduct (all guests are required to read and sign), they will be expelled from the house at their expense.

  • Travel Insurance. All guests and volunteers are required to purchase travel insurance.