Slave Castle Tour

Cape Coast Slave Castle Guided Tour

Teach on the Beach takes its volunteers and students on cooperative learning tours of Ghana's historic slave castles. Volunteers teach students about facts while students teach volunteers about what they understand of their history and what it means to them. Our tour includes...

You may organize a slave castle tour once you have arrived in Ghana with your program director that includes all or just a few of the castles described below.

  • The Osu Castle of Accra. This castle is the current seat of government even though a $30 million palace, the Golden Jubilee House, was built near the airport. Also known as Fort Christianborg, the Osu castle is relevant today as it was in previous generations.
  • São Jorge da Mina Castle. The St. George of the Mine castle in Elmina is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a huge tourist attraction. Golden Beach Hotels, the owners of the Busua Beach Resort, operate a more opulent resort in Elmina even though swimming is forbidden on that beach. The juxtaposition of the revenue from tourism and the crumbling town of Elmina is a key idea behind our organization. This historic symbol of subjugation continues to stand silent witness. What do our students' think about this castle as it relates to their heritage, world heritage? What can they do about securing tourism dollars to improving life in their country? Questions for volunteers to explore on this visit.
  • Cape Coast Castle. Another UNESCO World Heritage site and the castle President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited with their daughters on July 11, 2009. Obama's visit to Ghana was a very big deal, especially for kids who watch the news everyday as part of NewsHour. Obama encouraged Africans to take charge of their future in his speech to Parliament, a message we have been hammering into our Scholars for years before Obama visited. Here again, volunteers can bring new facts, thoughts and ideas to the kids and in turn be challenged by the kids' interpretation.

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