Teach on the Beach Volunteer Hostel

Our hostel has two second floor and two first floor hostel style volunteer rooms with bunk beds and fans. The upstairs rooms have private balcony access with beautiful beach views. Each room accommodates between three and six people, with the upstairs rooms with self-contained bathrooms and the downstairs rooms sharing a bathroom. The second floor also has two rooms where our Scholars stay during the school terms. You will be their teachers, mentors, and friends during their stay and in return they will be your guides and translators. And more importantly, they will give you a deep, honest view into Ghanaian culture

For downtime, the second floor has a common room with a HDTV and satellite TV service. We also have a mobile internet access for volunteers at about 30 cents a MB and four internet cafes just seconds away. Breakfast is served at 7am before we all go to school and dinner at 7:30pm after NewsHour discussion closes. All meals are prepared in our house and volunteers welcome to help and learn how authentic Ghanaian dishes are made.

Travel Policies

  • Refund Policy. Given the needs of our organization - the needs of the children - we cannot offer refunds on any transaction. Deposits, housing, meal, transportation, excursion, and program fees collected are final and non-refundable.

  • Volunteer Conduct. If a guest or volunteer blatantly violates the code of conduct (all guests are required to read and sign), they will be expelled from the house at their expense.

  • Travel Insurance. All guests and volunteers are required to purchase travel insurance.