What is NewsHour?

NewsHour = watch news, take notes, have a respectful guided discussion.

The benefits are real:

  • Develop critical listening and thinking skills that leads to positive citizenship
  • Unpack written and verbal communication skills important to success in college and beyond
  • Build and test a system of values and beliefs to help make sense of our fragmented and rapidly evolving world

Students around the world are exposed to an enormous amount of information. NewsHour focuses on presenting them with thoughtful, powerful journalism and helps them digest and understand the information, turning it into thoughts, feelings, and opinions. All you need is a satellite dish, students, notebooks and pencils.

After 5 years of running this program in Ghana, Teach on the Beach Scholars have unpacked crucial critical listening and thinking skills that help that form opinions and take stances on important issues that affect them like world food prices, oil, human rights, and more. Through the debate and writing exercises they have also developed their writing and speaking skills - giving them the ability to communicate complex thoughts and ideas.

Given its simplicity, NewsHour groups can be started anywhere in the world. If you're interested in learning about how, please check out our Launch NewsHour page, get in contact with us, check out our international discussion on Facebook,  and please start watching the news.

NewsHour Video Channel

3-Step Launch Plan

Step 1: Download our starter documents Launch NewsHour and Facilitator Guidelines

Step 2: Contact Teach on the Beach. Email to discuss your NewsHour schedule, rules, and choice of facilitator. We will organize a time to visit your NewsHour to ensure the safe, open and lively discussion that makes this program special

Step 3: Connect to the global network through Facebook and Skype. The Teach on the Beach team will coordinate times for you to Skype with our program in Ghana and hopefully other developing nations very soon.