In the Schools

Teaching in GhanaOur work is about connecting smart people and great resources to students who need and want to learn. In Ghanaian public schools the connection is difficult because of bureaucracy. We do not give cash grants and so often our presence is spurned at the school.

Over time, however, we have been able to show our Ghanaian teaching counterparts that while we won't give them cash or build them a new school block, we are ready and able to:

  • enroll students in their schools - paying for school fees, uniforms, supplies, etc
  • collaborate with them to make small incremental improvements - build a library, a computer center, etc.
  • provide smart volunteer teacher aides who positively connect with both students and teachers 

Currently we partner with three schoools that warmly welcome Teach on the Beach volunteers as teachers, substitutes, and teacher's aides based on need. Though the schools in Busua are Methodist, Teach on the Beach has no religious affiliation.Busua Primary Students

  • Busua Methodist Primary
  • Busua Methodist Junior Secondary
  • Baidoo Bonsoe Senior Secondary

Volunteers teach general education requirements - English, Math, Social Studies, General Science, ICT(computers) - to all ages and all achievement levels.

It is important that our volunteers work with our partner schools because we have built a long term relationship. Volunteers are not harassed or put in comprising positions by school administrators or teachers. Their presence everyday reinforces and shares our love of learning and most importantly recruits students for after schools programs.

Teach on the Beach fellows and volunteers are equipped with teaching and school supplies and the benefit of being able to share their experiences and bounce ideas off a seasoned TOB staffer at the end of their day. Feedback leading to continuous small improvements in our work is a key part of this daily sharing and reflection.

Busua Primary School StudentsBusua Primary StudentsBusua Primary School Students

Five Year Benchmarks

Scholars will be leading After School and NewsHour programs, integrating volunteers from around the globe in their efforts to constantly increase attendance and quality.

School partnerships are resulting in higher BECE and WASSCE test scores, more attention for our partner schools and our organization.

After School
Our After School model will be replicated in five more high-need rural beach communities in Ghana...or elsewhere in the world.

NewsHour will be flourishing with 25 groups in the US and 5 groups internationally discussing with and writing to each other over Skype and Facebook weekly.