NewsHourNewsHour is our flagship educational programming. The primary goal is to connect our Scholars with the rest of the globe and develop written and verbal communications skills. For them to learn to lead change in their communities and country, they will need a broad perspective, a wealth of knowledge from around the world, and the skill to persuade people to join follow them. Want to see the future leaders of Ghana in training? NewsHour runs daily at our location in Busua Beach, come and see!

The basic format for the program is simple.

Everyday at 6pm GMT we all gather to watch a sixty minute international news program and follow it with 45 minutes of discussion powered by the student. During commercial breaks, we mute the television and ask for any words the kids didn't understand. When the news is over, we turn off the TV and ask the kids for their questions - difficult words, profound stories, or perplexing concepts.

Volunteers act as facilitators, providing information, answering questions and, most important, encouraging students to discuss their thoughts and feelings.

NewsHour is slowly becoming an international discussion, connecting our Scholars with students from around the world.

We partner with high schools and communities in the United States to run NewsHour for American students.NewsHour Ft WayneThe students in the United States and Ghana discuss the news the with each other over Facebook and Skype. It is during these conversations that the results of our NewsHour are on display. While we do not want to take anything away from the students participating and working hard in our newest NewsHour programs in the US, our Scholars in Ghana, many of whom have watching and discussing news daily for 5 years, are more articulate, thougthful and quick on their feet with questions and answers than their peers in the US.

The achievement gap between the US and Ghana will be closed by the students currently participating in NewsHour. While many people around the world are able to ignore the problems that plague their societies these students are trained to see and think critically about all of them. It's only a matter of time before they figure out what needs to be done and get to work.

Five Year Benchmarks

Scholars will be leading After School and NewsHour programs, integrating volunteers from around the globe in their efforts to constantly increase attendance and quality.

School partnerships are resulting in higher BECE and WASSCE test scores, more attention for our partner schools and our organization.

After School
Our After School model will be replicated in five more high-need rural beach communities in Ghana...or elsewhere in the world.

NewsHour will be flourishing with 25 groups in the US and 5 groups internationally discussing with and writing to each other over Skype and Facebook weekly.