Henrietta Vusiakorn

Henrietta VusiakormHenrietta is a very focused student. When she was not challenged enough in her classroom, she found Aaron and Ali and bugged them about what they were reading, if they could read to her, or write math story problems for her.

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Even if she got a question wrong, she would sit with you and work it out; afterwards, she would ask for another. Henrietta has always been the first to get you a chair, offer you a cold water sachet and ask you surprisingly astute questions. She is one of the top minds and most caring hearts at Teach on the Beach.

Henrietta has ambitions to study Nursing at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi. Over the years we have seen Henrietta take on many challenges, some given to her by Teach on the Beach staff to help her learn and others from her tough family life that have tested her emotionally. Through it all she has persevered, grown ever more confident, and continues to amaze us with every step foward

Strengths & Interests:

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking
  • Literature, Poetry, French
  • Active in the community


  • Math



TOB Scholars

Valentina LawsonTop marks in her class, wise beyond her years, yet Valentina still has the curiosity of a precocious eleven year old. Sadly, this was not always her situation. After her mother pased away 5 years ago, she was sent to her extended family and was removed from school.



Adu EmmanuelAdu Emmanuel is shy at first. He is short with a large head and a perpetual smile on his face. Behind his shy exterior and toothy grin is a very gifted mind. He provides keen insights during NewsHour discussions, excels at school, and overall, shows promise to be one of the top minds in Ghana.


William AgboWilliam Agbo is a young man who has shown remarkable poise and resilience throughout his young life. Growing up in a small shack in Madina, William stood out among his peers from an early age. When others were misbehaving in secondary school, William always carried himself respectfully.


Divine LawsonDivine is a tall seventeen year old who has one of the brightest futures. He has been with Teach on the Beach for seven years. Ali first found him with a bad, infected cut on this finger and since then Divine has overcome his own personal demons to grow into a responsible and active young man.


Henrietta VusiakormHenrietta is a very focused student. When she was not challenged enough in her classroom, she found Aaron and Ali and bugged them about what they were reading, if they could read to her, or write math story problems for her.



Emmanuel Yao Duah is a born leader, possessing the charisma, mental quickness and confidence needed to make a difference in this world. I first got to know Duah about a year after he had lost his mother, a very tough blow for him. He struggled a great deal from his loss, often closing off to others and his responsibilities as a student and TOB Scholar. With a helping hand he has persevered and thrived.



Ben HarunaBen Haruna is a curious and energetic young man. Part of the original group of kids Alison and Aaron met in Madina, Ben spent the first years of his life living in a one room dwelling made of crude wood and cement blocks where he shared space with his 4 siblings and mother.


Henry introduced himself to Alison in 2004 setting off a chain of events that led to scholarships for himself, his sister, and a couple of his friends from Madina, a slum in the capital of Accra. He is open, honest and full of energy, when he wants to be.

Anthony Kusi

Anthony Kusi is from the Brong Ahafo region city of Berekum. A Teach on the Beach volunteer found Anthony in the little village of Akom where he was living with his grandmother, both his parents having passed away. 


Louis CobbinaLouis Cobbina came to us from a very poor village in the Oppon Valley. He is generally reserved but especially quiet around volunteers because he doesn't have confidence in his English. Louis is in his element when there is work to be done - he can handle himself with difficult physical tasks quickly figuring out the most efficient way to work without a word of complaint.


Scholarship Description

Students lack money for school fees and basic supplies like uniforms, notebooks, pencils, etc.

Teach on the Beach personally pays school fees and purchases school supplies for students in need whom we've determinded truly value their education. Scholars live and work at our facilities, have full time access to our staff, teaching fellows, and volunteers as well as extensive educational resources. We are transforming needy students into the future leaders of change.

Contibute Today

Five Year Benchmarks

Scholars will be leading After School and NewsHour programs, integrating volunteers from around the globe in their efforts to constantly increase attendance and quality.

School partnerships are resulting in higher BECE and WASSCE test scores, more attention for our partner schools and our organization.

After School
Our After School model will be replicated in five more high-need rural beach communities in Ghana...or elsewhere in the world.

NewsHour will be flourishing with 25 groups in the US and 5 groups internationally discussing with and writing to each other over Skype and Facebook weekly.