The Best Voluntourism in the World

Teach on the Beach combines volunteer service and African tourism for individuals who want to experience Africa, help out real people in need, and to do it affordably. Register Now

Bridge the GapVoluntourists are families, professionals, and retirees. Teach on the Beach seamlessly integrates you into our programming and the community with deep knowledge of teaching and living in Ghana. You will always be acompanied by an American staffer who has helped dozens of people just like you make a huge impact in just a few days in Ghana.

Voluntourists stay for short periods of time and help out in a variety of ways:

  • After school reading groups
  • Moderating young children watching educational videos
  • Practicing the alphabet or playing mental math games
  • Quizzing students with upcoming tests
  • Teaching students with personal skills like how to play guitar, how to draw, how to swim, etc.
  • Participating in NewsHour discussions

You will spend downtime on the beach with TOB and Busua Scholars, still teaching as you lounge, swim, and surf. In the end you will have spent a majority, if not all your time, doing service but will have hardly have noticed how much work you've really done.

Every night you will help us build on your work by completing short education reflection forms to add to the profiles of the students we teach.

Benefits of Voluntourism with Teach on the Beach

  • Simultaneous Teaching and Tourism - Want to go see the slave castles? Elephants? Rainforest canopy walk? Take a TOB Scholar with you! They all speak amazing English, know their way around and will get the opportunity to travel and spend time with a smart, caring American! Brilliant, right?
  • Unparalleled flexibility - you can choose the dates and length of your volunteer vacation.Smiling Tina, Join her!
  • Framework & Structure - we have been living, working and teaching in Ghana for years and have created a productive environment free of distraction.
  • In-country American staff support - you will have an experienced TOB staffer with you at all times, not just a 1-800 number
  • Resources - our facilities are spacious, filled with books, computers, art supplies, musical instruments, and most importantly students who desperately want to learn
  • Authentic international experience - we don't sugarcoat the problems or segregate ourselves from the people in the community. "I am Ghanaian and they are American, we're all the same" Aaron Adler, our founder, often says. You will live and breathe the real Ghana with us.
  • Affordable! - international service often comes with a big price tag. With Teach on the Beach, accommodations, meals, and full time, on-site American staff support is $500 for the first week and $100/week for each additional week (with discounted rates for volunteers staying over 4 weeks)*

* Pricing goes up if you choose to stay in a Resort Accommodation.

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