When you're not teaching...


Somtimes we literally teach on the beach, but it shouldn't count as teaching :) See details

Things To Do

Surfing @ the Black Star

Black Star Surf Shop

Black Star Surf Shop Surf Lessons & Tours


The Black Star Surf Shop is Ghana's First surf shop. They offer a variety of boards and lessons on all of them. For experienced surfers, the Black Star offers surf tours of a day to one week of the little-known Ghanaian coastline.  According to the Black Star website, "The Southern Hemisphere swells that hit the Western coastline of Ghana travel great distances to reach our beaches producing some of the cleanest, most orderly waves on earth." We love driving out to Cape Three Points about 20 minutes west of Busua to surf and hang out on Sunday's off.

Surfing at Cape Three Points, Ghana


Beach Sports & Recreation

Jet Skis at Busua Beach Resort

Renting a jet ski will put you back - at about $1 a minute - but they are pretty cool!


Beach volleyball, soccer and American football, ultimate frisbee, tennis at the BBR, billiards, and anything else you can fit into your suitcase. Other than the tennis at the BBR, everything else is completely free.

Drum Lessons

There are mulitple places you can get drum lessons. The Rainbow, the Surf Shop, and numerous Rastas on the beach are more than willing to help you feel the Ghanaian rhythm.



Live Music atop the African Rainbow, bonfires on the beach, jungle parties with drumming and dancing and occassionally rowdy Ghanaian style funerals with music, dancing and throngs of family, friends and general well-wishers.

Nightlife on Busua, Ghana


Travel Policies

  • Refund Policy. Given the needs of our organization - the needs of the children - we cannot offer refunds on any transaction. Deposits, housing, meal, transportation, excursion, and program fees collected are final and non-refundable.

  • Volunteer Conduct. If a guest or volunteer blatantly violates the code of conduct (all guests are required to read and sign), they will be expelled from the house at their expense.

  • Travel Insurance. All guests and volunteers are required to purchase travel insurance.