How To Fill out Your Ghana Visa Application

  1. Print 2 copies of the application. You will need to mail two copies to the embassy
  2. Be sure to use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and BLACK or BLUE INK
  3. Fill out the form from top bottom starting by gluing your passport photo to the top right hand corner (you will need two copies of your passport photo, one for each form)
  4. Check the Single Entry visa
  5. With your forms would will need to mail $60 cash or money order made out to THE MISSION OF GHANA
  6. Section #1 is all information found in your passport
    1. Section 1a, FIRST NAME should include FIRST and MIDDLE NAMES
  7. Section #2 please write STUDENT if you are a student, TEACHER if you are a teacher, etc.
  8. Section 3a and 3b should be your current school or employer’s address as well as your personal address, DO NOT FORGET PHONE NUMBER
  9. Section #4 is simply the date you plan to fly out from your original place of departure
  10. Section #5a,b,c should be filled out according to the example (be sure to include your plane ticket number)
  11. Section #6 be sure to check TOURISM
  12. Section #7 Please use the following two references addresses:
    • William Agbo, Director in Ghana 66/6 Busua Beach, Western Region | Phone: 0546592238
    • Rita Dwomoh-Asubonteng, Associate Director in Ghana , PLT 96, BLK E, Kumasi, Ashanti Region | Phone: 0244021418
  13. Section 8 is NOT APPLICABLE
  14. Section #9 (how many days will you be in Ghana?)
  15. Section #10 fill this out if you have traveled to Ghana previously.

Download a PDF of these instructions here