Teaching Fellowships

Teaching fellows are long-term volunteer teachers & leaders on the ground in Ghana. Register Now

Peter and the Teacher working togetherFellows teach in the schools and in Teach on the Beach (TOB) After School and NewsHour programs. Fellows lead service learning volunteers and utilize the help of voluntourists to complete strategic initiatives to improve reach, capacity and quality of After School and NewsHour programs.

Fellowships are for self-starting individuals with a background in education, experience teaching in the classroom or service work with children in other settings such as after school programs, as mentors, etc. The Teach on the Beach board personally interviews and selects fellows that they believe can thrive in the difficult environment of a rural, developing nation village. The following are six focus areas fellows work in:

  • Teach, teach, teach - to succeed we need to do a lot teaching and those who can teach 24/7 are very valuable
  • Leading data collection and analysis of student education achievement to measure TOB's impact
  • Coordinating cross-cultural, international discussion and writing between Ghana and US NewsHours
  • Teaching TOB Scholars to teach their peers and students younger than them
  • Engaging the tourists on the beach to teach and mentor students in our programming
  • Promoting the value of learning in the community by organizing community meetings, leading collaborations with PTA, district education officials and other community leaders, and developing new inclusive and collaborative programming

Benefits of TOB Teaching Fellowships

  • Unparalleled flexibility - you can choose your focus area, dates and length (min. 6 weeks, 12 weeks encouraged).Friends for life
  • Framework & Structure - we have been living, working and teaching in Ghana for years and have created a productive environment free of distraction
  • Ghanaian staff support - you will have an experienced TOB volunteer project manager with you on the ground to help implement your great ideas.
  • Resources - our facilities are spacious, filled with books, computers, art supplies, musical instruments, and most importantly students who desperately want to learn.
  • Authentic international experience - we don't sugarcoat the problems or┬ásegregate ourselves from the people in the community. "I am Ghanaian and they are American" Aaron Adler, our founder, often says. You will live and breathe the real Ghana with us.
  • Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to talk about developing your personalized fellowship experience.

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Travel Policies

  • Refund Policy. Given the needs of our organization - the needs of the children - we cannot offer refunds on any transaction. Deposits, housing, meal, transportation, excursion, and program fees collected are final and non-refundable.

  • Volunteer Conduct. If a guest or volunteer blatantly violates the code of conduct (all guests are required to read and sign), they will be expelled from the house at their expense.

  • Travel Insurance. All guests and volunteers are required to purchase travel insurance.