From the very first moment I was impressed by the warmth, the support and the love „Teach on the Beach“ is creating. Everyone is accepted like she or he is – you matter! TOB gives positive energie to the youth of Busua. It opens perspectives and chances. The NGO is doing wonderful work and in my eyes it is the perfect spot to do volunteering work.

-Helene Hülsmeyer, Germany

I absolutely love Teach on the Beach! It’s amazing to know that people dedicate time out of their lives to teach children that may not have the same opportunities as others. You see the care from the Teach on the Beach staff, and the genuine care for each and every child!

-Faymis Amira, USA

When I got invited to join ‘News Hour’ at TOB I was so impressed. The kids were watching CNN and had a discussion and debate about current events. I was so impressed about their analytical way of thinking and the honesty in their conversations. I don’t want to reveal too much because I truly believe you have to experience it yourself. The entire experience with TOB has changed my life, and I am convinced it will change yours. Do you want to contribute in the future of a child? Take the chance and volunteer or make a donation.

-Mirjam, Holland.

Living closer to the beach was something I really wanted when I was a kid and having the opportunity to spend valuable time with kids who are always smiling and wanting to learn new things is quite refreshing. I feel at home and teach on the beach as an organization has done incredibly well in providing the needed support for its students and the community of busua.

William, Ghana

Learning for Everyone! ♥
“Ghana Time” = Peaceful Time

-Brette Reed, USA