Every DONATION you make DIRECTLY goes into funding for our scholars and programs. Below is a link to donate to our PayPal account.


Any donor can also donate to our planned projects such as:

Reading Club Project

Teach on the Beach Reading Club needs funds to provide the required reading materials for the kids to read and improve upon their reading skills. Currently we have 10 students that have been enrolled in this club and have shown dedication in learning how to read.  Donations in the form of books is appreciated for ages 10-18.

Laptop Project

Our students, especially those in the News Hour Program need a computer to document News Hour stories. This will help them to post news hour stories online and to some extent educate the public on what is going on around the world on their Facebook News Hour page.  Donating your old laptops to support this course is appreciated. We have 25 students in this program.

Photography Club

Over the years, we have observed that kids find it very exciting whenever they see themselves in a picture or video. We would like to integrate media literacy in to the program and provide the students with a hands-on approach.  They would be trained by an experienced Ghanaian photographer who has done numerous works for many models, even Coca-Cola Ghana. You can support this course by donating any old cameras you may possess or help us build a real photography studio for the kids.